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lixao estrutural

Another waste picker dies and municipalities insist on keeping dumpsites open

On September 2nd, a waste picker died in a work-related accident at the Estrutural dumpsite in Brasília. Chico Moura, 57, who worked at the Estrutural dump for 25 years, was buried and then crushed by the machines that cover the waste at the dumpsite.

quero reciclagem popular

Why we are against extending the deadline of the national waste policy

Across Brazil, open dumps cause death and disease for waste pickers. To extend for another eight years the deadline to close open dumps will mean the continuation of this degrading situation, another eight years in which waste pickers will not have adequate workplaces and equipment.

facyr - gestion social de los rsu

Inclusive solid waste management models should be expanded

We would like to express our profound worry with the city government’s failure to fulfill the recycling agreement. This puts at risk the public policies the waste pickers have ac...

RENAREC of Ecuador is in solidarity with the waste pickers of Bogotá

The National Network of Waste Pickers of Ecuador (RENAREC) salutes the waste pickers of Bogotá with the following words…


A victory for the waste pickers of Bahía Blanca!

After almost a month of conflict, the waste pickers of Bahía Blanca (Argentina), together with the Federation of Waste Pickers of Argentina (FACYR/CTEP), came to an agreement in August with the municipal government.

reciclaje inclusivo-guatemala

Inclusive Recycling in Guatemala

As part of the Regional Initiative for Inclusive Recycling, the Inter-American Development Bank organized a workshop in horizontal training on organizing for waste pickers working at a sanitary landfill in Amatitlán, Guatemala.

logo-federacion de cartoneros y recicladores

The Federation of Waste Pickers of Argentina mobilizes to defend inclusive recycling

On August 27, the waste pickers marched to the Ministry of the Environment and Public Space, protesting the city’s failure to implement the recycling service agreement. We are profoundly worried that if this continues, the Ministry of the Environment and Public Space will put at risk the health of the city, will increase the waste being buried at landfills…

nirmalaya clean up

Waste pickers and volunteers divert 177 tons of festival offerings from rivers

The significance of immersing the idol symbolizes the Lord taking our sorrows along with Him and returning again next year to protect us. But between this symbolism and merriment lies the bleak reality of ecological degradation that comes with immersing idols and Nirmalaya in our water bodies.

Chintan-rice bucket challenge

German Ambassador takes up the Rice Bucket Challenge with Chintan

Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group with the German ambassador Michael Steiner, took up the ‘Rice Bucket Challenge’, donating rice to more than 300 families...
waste pickers children

A victory for waste pickers’ children in India

Waste pickers of Maharashtra are in a celebratory mood. On August 27th, the Maharashtra Government finally conceded to their demand for inclusion under the centrally sponsored pre-matric scholarship scheme for children of those working in “unclean” occupations.

Substitution of Animal Traction Vehicles in Bogota.

Substitution of Animal Traction Vehicles in Bogota

In 2003, the national transit code sought to eradicate animal traction vehicles or animal pulled carts that would have affected hundreds of thousands in Colombia. They had to demand their rights.


Recyclers in Nicaragua: A Productive and Environmental Force

WIEGO, UCA and Red Nica are collaborating to create an alliance for a baseline study of the thousands of waste pickers/recyclers in Nicaragua, the majority of whom are not heard or considered and remain invisible.


There is a rose in Seemapuri

Seemapuri in north east Delhi is one of many hubs where waste pickers (kabadiwala) bring, sort, bale and ship waste resources.

Since more than one year now a start up of all women waste workers has been crafting one of a kind flowers and other gift items. The creative process is 100% reuse down to the packaging being used for export shipping!

AIKMM logo

Initial Response of Informal Waste Workers to Waste Management Manual Draft

We are pleased that waste management—and in particular, the important roles that informal waste workers play in municipal solid waste management—is receiving needed attention from India’s central ministries. However, we are supremely disappointed in the process by which this manual has been drafted.

kkpkp photo-fb

Petition: support equitable education for waste pickers’ children!

The idea of “equity in education” in India has unfortunately remained just an idea… And this is despite the fact that a large section of the marginalized in our country has been involved in its pursuit. Access to education continues to remain difficult for the children of waste pickers whose relentless efforts and petitions have fallen on deaf ears, and don’t find a place within the agenda of the Maharashtra government.

kkpkp photo-fb

Invitation to (Re) Naming Ceremony of Department of Social Justice and Empowerment

14 months after the Central Government Included Waste Pickers into the ‘Pre-Matriculation Scheme for children of those engaged in “Unclean Occupations”, the Government of Maharashtra has not acted on the government GR.

waste picker facilitation camp

Food security for waste pickers and enrollment in Delhi’s electoral lists

Greetings from KKU! I am glad to inform you all that Sajag/Kachra Kamgar Union (KKU) has conducted a very successful campaign for enrollment of rag-pickers to the electoral rolls of Delhi and also facilitated their applications for ration-cards under recently passed Food Security Act.


The Occupational Health of Waste Pickers in Pune

This report from the union of waste pickers, KKPKP, in Pune, India details the interventions of the union to improve the health of their members, including the setting up of a municipally funded health insurance scheme, health advocacy and the use of trust hospitals.

wps of colombia - documentary

Struggling for Recognition: The Waste Pickers of Colombia

For the past 22 years, the waste pickers of Colombia have been fighting for recognition of their work. “There are no borders for those who fight,” is the slogan that symbolizes the struggle of the more than 15 million waste pickers, who are facing global threats – against their lives, organization and towards the environment.


Don’t Waste People: a documentary about waste pickers in Delhi

Don’t Waste People captures the voices of a few of the hundreds of thousands of people who work as waste pickers in Delhi, India, sorting through trash from roadsides, municipal bins and landfills and selling the reusable material to make a living.