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Imagem: MNCR.

Brazilian Movement stands with Uruguayans against waste-to-energy plans

We waste pickers, organized nationally as part of the National Movement of Brazilian Waste Pickers (MNCR), and continentally, as part of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of...
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Waste pickers respond to Uruguay’s waste-to-energy plans

As a response to information recently published about the current government-led public bidding process that aims to promote waste-to-energy in Uruguay, a pro-waste picker initiative called the Coordinadora Pro Clasificadores (CPC) declares in four points that the generation of energy from waste is not a solution.

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Petition: No to incineration, yes to social inclusion in Belo Horizonte!

On February 12, activists and citizens were present at the City Hall of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, to alert representatives of the risks of approving two pieces of legislation that would permit incineration technology in the city.


Waste picker Mônica da Silva receives Living Legacy Prize for environmental activism

A Women’s International Center will honor the waste picker Maria Monica da Silva with the Living Legacy Prize on February 22, for her work promoting environmental justice and support of inclusive recycling in São Paulo, Brazil; Monica was nominated for the prize by the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) and by Other Worlds Are Possible.

imagem: MNCR.

A week of solidarity with the waste pickers of the Uruguaiana dump (Brazil)

At the end of November, the National Movement of Brazilian Waste Pickers organized a week of solidarity with the workers of the Uruguaiana dumpsite, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The waste pickers there have been working in the city for more than 50 years.

SAWPA marchando en el Dia Global de Acción Contra la Incineración. Foto: SAWPA/GroundWork.

South African waste pickers call on their government to stop incineration projects

SAWPA came together in November to object to the proposal by EnviroServ to construct a waste incineration facility at the Chloorkop waste site, calling on the government to deny EnviroServ permission to build a waste incinerator facility at Chloorkop.

dont burn our future

2013 Global Day of Action against incineration

November 8th was the Global Day of Action Against Incineration. More than 25 actions in 14 countries across six continents were held to protest incineration and promote zero waste and socially inclusive alternatives.


Nov. 8 march against incineration: Waste incineration is wasting jobs in South Africa!

Despite South Africa’s waste management legislation stipulating that incineration be the last resort in waste disposal, approximately 300 waste pickers on the Chloorkop landfill in Kempton Park are set to lose their jobs as a result of Enviroserve’s proposed waste-to-energy incinerator.

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November 8th – Global Day of Action against Waste Incineration and for Zero Waste Alternatives!

GAIA would like to invite our members and allied groups to join our 13th Global Day of Action against Waste Incineration and for Zero Waste Alternatives on November 8, 2013. The 2013 Global Day of Action on Waste and Incineration will be part of the Global Month of Action on Dirty Energy organized by a coalition of international networks. This Month of Action is a united effort to demand the transformation of our energy systems in favor of sustainable and community-based solutions.

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Petition from GAIA to stop the intimidation of a Mexican social and environmental activist

Join us by signing this letter to Mexican authorities requesting protection for Jorge Tadeo Vargas, an activist who struggles peacefully for environmental and social justice from the territories.

Protesto contra incineração em Barueri. (Photo: MNCR)

MNCR: Residents of Barueri protest the installation of a waste incinerator

The government of Barueri plans on burning 97 percent of its waste and recycling only 3 percent, as well as burning waste from nearby cities. The proposal runs against the National Waste Policy, which gives priority to reducing and recycling with social inclusion, as well as federal and UN environmental policies.

Waste pickers protest at a meeting about São Bernardo, São Paulo's installation of an incinerator. Credit: MNCR.

The fight against incineration continues in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo

In Brazil, the fight against incineration continues. In São Bernardo do Campo, waste pickers attended public debate about waste to energy between the municipal government and the Anti-Incineration Coalition held at a Methodist church in the city. São Bernardo plans to install an incinerator that will burn waste in surrounding cities for a period of at least 30 years.

A landfill in León, Nicaragua catches fire

On January 1, a fire broke out in the municipal landfill of León, Nicaragua. According to Red Lacre, bad management by the municipal government and Cielo Group, the company responsible for the landfill’s operations, was the cause of the fire.

credits vs carbon credits film - santu interviews guards

New film by waste pickers about impact of carbon credits: “Credits vs Carbon Credits”

Chintan Environmental Research & Action Group and Safai Sena just released a new documentary, Credits vs Carbon Credits. The film explores the effects of large projects vying for carbon credits on the livelihoods of waste pickers.

photo - huichapan cement kiln

Case study from GAIA and Revuelta Verde – CDM proposal to burn waste in Mexico

The Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) and Revuelta Verde recently released a report on the struggle against waste incineration in cement factories in Mexico. The United Nations´ Clean Development Mechanism (carbon trading scheme) could approve a proposal for a UK-based company to incinerate waste in a cement kiln in Huichapan

Chintan’s new study – Give Back our Waste: What the Okhla waste-to-energy plant has done to local wastepickers

Dear Friend, Greetings from Chintan! We are delighted to share with you our latest study titled “Give Back Our Waste”: What the Okhla Waste-to-Energy Plant has Done to Local Wa...

Messages of support from Latin America to India

Message from Alex Cardoso, MNCR (Brazil) Greetings fellow waste pickers organized with AIKMM, it would be a great pleasure to be able to participate one more time with you and to d...

Publications until September 2012

 On the road to Zero Waste: waste pickers as main actors GAIA has recently launched the publication, “On The Road to Zero Waste: Successes and Lessons from around the World....

Victory and next steps on CDM

September 10th 2012 Dear friends, I would like to share the latest results of the campaign against the CDM carbon credits to incinerators and landfills and for the recognition of g...

Declaration: No to incineration in the Rio+20 text (text+video)

We face the Rio +20 Conference with deep concerns about the state of the formal United Nations negotiations and the policies that are being promoted by governments on environmental matters, specifically in the area of waste. (…)