The Global Alliance of Waste Pickers is a networking process supported by WIEGO, among thousands of waste picker organizations with groups in more than 28 countries covering mainly Latin America, Asia and Africa.
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Global Alliance of Waste Pickers’ Newsletters:


Struggles and victories: waste pickers on the frontline. October-November 2012

Press Release: Waste Picker (50) Drowns in Msunduzi River (South Africa – October 5)

Latin America (Red Lacre)
Waste pickers in Brasilia shutdown landfill for nine days in fight against public-private partnership (Brasilia – October 2012)
Another victory in Brazil: Minas Gerais to become the first state to compensate waste pickers for their environmental service (Brazil – October 2012)
Bolivian law recognizes waste pickers (Bolivia – October 2012)
ExpoCatadores, 3rd edition (Brazil – 28-30 November 2012)
Colombian waste pickers fight privatization (Colombia – November 2012)
National Chilean Waste Pickers’ Conference (December 4-5 2012 – Concepción, Chile)

India (Alliance of Indian Waste Pickers)
SWaCH struggle for labor rights continues (India – November 2012)
AIKMM’s First National Conference (India – December 10-11)
Solidarity with Indian waste pickers’ struggles (October 2012)

marcha Ucrus

Struggles and victories: waste pickers on the frontline. August-September 2012

Improving working conditions (South Africa – August 31, 2012)
Learning from each other (South Africa – September 2012)
India – AIW
Fighting Privatization in India (India – August 2012)
Fight for Pension Rights Continues (India – August 2012)
No Child in Trash Newsletter (India – 7 September 2012)
Latinamerica – REDLACRE
Social security for waste pickers (Brazil – 3 September 2012)
The Right to Work (Uruguay – 5 September 2012)
Waste pickers march, “Our Work is our Dignity” (Argentina – 18 September)


Global Alliance of Waste Pickers Newsletter. September, 2012

We are happy to share with you the second Global Alliance of Waste Picker’s newsletter. It covers a number of topics and activities in which the Global alliance has participated over the past several months.


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waste pickers in Mumbai, India, Dumpsite Workers

Newsletter March 2012: The Global Alliance of Waste Pickers

Hello everyone, The Global Alliance of Waste Pickers is happy to share with you its first global newsletter.  We hope that it can be one more way to connect waste pickers acros...