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SWaCH: Five Years and Counting

Through this latest 12-page issue of the newsletter, SWaCH shares the journey it has been on since it was founded five years ago – the excitement, the anxieties, successes and new ideas that have emerged for making Pune a better city for all in the years to come.

swach newsletter - feb 2013

The SWaCH Newsletter is out!

SWaCH is a collective of self-employed waste pickers that provides waste collection and management services. It publishes a quarterly newsletter. The latest has a lot of great articles!


SWACH Newsletter – Issue 5 – November 2012

Check out SWaCH waste pickers’ cooperative November 2012 Newsletter. Read articles about waste pickers working with scrap shops, pianist Kimball Ghallager making music with SWaCH, E-waste programs in schools across India, waste pickers keeping Pune’s rivers clean, and much more. Download the SWaCH Newsletter Issue 5 in English  or in Marathi.

Alliance of Indian Wastepickers (AIW) Newsletter August 2012 in Hindi

Index of contents:

  • तेज होता पेंशन अभियान
  • हमें ये भविष्य मंजूर नहीं!’ : रियो 20
  • आरटीइ – धीरे धीरे खुलता दरवाजा
  • कपड़ा संग्रह अभियान V-Collect
  • दिल्ली की खबरें

Alliance of Indian Wastepickers (AIW) Newsletter August 2012

Index of contents:

  • Pension campaign grows stronger
  • ‘We reject this future!’: Rio+ 20
  • RTE – the door opens slowly
  • V-Collect Clothes
  • News from Delhi

AIW Newsletter: May 2012

Index of contents: Local initiatives, global sharing: Three meetings in Pune, India Pensions — a right, not a favour WtE in Ghazipur: “Stop!” say citizens ‘Yes to schoo...
aiw and global alliance at cop17 march

Newsletter: Alliance of Indian Waste Pickers (Feb. 2012)

The Alliance of Indian Wastepickers (AIW) is an alliance of over 30 organisations working with wastepickers in 24 cities in India. AIW is engaged in highlighting the contribution o...

SWaCH Newsletter – Issue 2 – January 2012

Greetings from SWaCH! It is with great pleasure that we present to you the second issue of the SWaCH quarterly newsletter. swach-newsletter2 Warm Regards, Manisha Desai +919765405...