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There is a rose in Seemapuri

Seemapuri in north east Delhi is one of many hubs where waste pickers (kabadiwala) bring, sort, bale and ship waste resources.

Since more than one year now a start up of all women waste workers has been crafting one of a kind flowers and other gift items. The creative process is 100% reuse down to the packaging being used for export shipping!

Photo: AIKMM.

Relief material needed! Masoodpur homeless cluster gutted in fire

I am writing this email on behalf of All India Kabadi Mazdoor Mahasangh(AIKMM). There has been a massive fire in Masoodpur in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi around 7:30 am on 25 April 2014, where waste recyclers live. Approximately 1000 huts (Jhuggi) were razed to the ground.

la cooperativa quiaqueños

The waste pickers of La Quiaca have an action plan

On October 8, the waste pickers’ cooperative Emprendedores Quiaqueños joined the Federación de Cartoneros y Recicladores and presented an action plan in the city of La Quiaca. The actions are being proposed in response to countless promises made by the municipality that have gone unfulfilled, as well as a lack of commitment from public authorities.

Reunión de prensa. Foto: La Asociación de Recicladores del EcoParque Rafey.

Waste pickers in the Dominican Republic warn of a landfill’s dangers

In October, the Association of Waste Pickers of Eco Parque Rafey landfill in the Dominican Republic warned about the dangers of a landfill called the Vertedero Municipal de Santiago de los Caballeros. Because of poor management, the landfill frequently catches on fire.

nirmalya-group photo

SWaCH: Waste pickers divert 97 tons of festival offerings from the city’s rivers

125 wastepickers, with the support of 400 volunteers diverted over 97 tonnes of nirmalya — offerings from this Ganapati festival — from the city’s rivers!!

Red Lacre.

Red Lacre: A week-long meeting in Santiago with waste pickers from 10 countries

On August 31st, the Latin American Waste Pickers’ Network wrapped up a week of meetings and activities held in Santiago, Chile (Aug. 25-31). The final activity consisted of a visit to informal recyclers of the dumpsite known as Vertedero Los Molles, in Valparaíso.

safai sena logo

SAFAI SENA: If they pick waste, they must be thieves — the daily struggles of a waste picker in Delhi

Manwara, a waste picker, has been in Delhi since her childhood. She chose this work to add to her husband’s income who is also a waste picker. Recently, Manwara’s dream turned ugly when her innocent children were blamed for a theft that happened in the nearby area. She was unaware that her being waste picker would make her so vulnerable to being accused, harassed, and suffers violence openly.

Cataforte. Alex Cardoso, MNCR. (Photo: MNCR)

MNCR: Cataforte 3 is a direct investment in the environment

The National Waste Pickers’ Movement of Brazil (MNCR) participated on July 31st in the launch of the third edition of Cataforte, a federal program whose purpose is to strengthen waste pickers’ organizations. The objective is the restructuring of waste pickers’ networks and associations so that these solidary networks become more capable of performing recycling service for municipalities, as well as to become involved in reverse logistics (producer responsibility) and begin to commercialize their recyclable materials, with the goal of reaching 35 networks.

image courtesy of EcoWaste Coalition.

Philippines: Waste Pickers Frame Common Agenda, Fight for Right to Socio-legal Recognition

“Amidst incessantly growing joblessness, the government should uphold pro-poor projects and legislations that will improve occupational health and safety of waste pickers, secure their employment and encourage more unemployed Filipinos to enter the recycling industry,” said Thomas Kellenberger, Founding President of the Philippine Island Kids International Foundation, Inc.


MNCR’s stance on the protests in Brazil

MNCR (Brazil’s national waste pickers’ movement) pledges its continual support of the protests happening across Brazil for concrete goals of social and environmental justice but explains why it’s important to keep informed and aware about conservative, elitist and prejudiced groups that have been trying to appropriate the protests to promote their own interests, with the backing of and manipulation by the Brazilian elite and the media monopoly.


Chintan celebrated 2013 World Environment Day

Chintan celebrated World Environment Day at Select Citywalk Mall, Saket on the 4th and 5th of June 2013 Day, to encourage awareness on cleaner environment.

Waste pickers register for social security schemes in Bangalore

Press Release: Waste pickers in Bangalore, India register for social security benefits

A unique day long Social Security Camp was organized for wastepickers in the city today. A little over 1000 people participated in the camp that included children and adults.

Victory in Bangalore, India: Waste pickers to receive social security

The 15,000 waste pickers of Bangalore, India, had an end of the year victory. Bruhat Bangaluru Mahanagara palike (BBMP), the local government, is going to provide social security benefits to the waste pickers.

nohra padilla with new york canners

The global north has waste pickers too! Film about New York “canners” nominated for Academy Award

There is an army of waste pickers in the streets of New York, collecting cans and bottles. In New York, they are called “canners.” They can sell cans and bottes to middlemen for a few cents there. For the unemployed of the wealthiest city in the United States, it’s a growing profession.

photo - huichapan cement kiln

Case study from GAIA and Revuelta Verde – CDM proposal to burn waste in Mexico

The Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) and Revuelta Verde recently released a report on the struggle against waste incineration in cement factories in Mexico. The United Nations´ Clean Development Mechanism (carbon trading scheme) could approve a proposal for a UK-based company to incinerate waste in a cement kiln in Huichapan

photo of kkpkp members and children

Waste pickers and their children have the right to an education!

Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat (KKPKP), a registered trade union of waste pickers based in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad, organised an awareness programme for its members on January 2 2013, to familiarise them with RTE Act, and particularly to discuss with them how to make best use of the provisions of the 25% reservation quota for children from deprived backgrounds.

cartoneros MTE - argentina

Victory in Buenos Aires! Waste picker cooperatives reach an historic agreement with the municipal government

On January 2, waste picker cooperatives and the Buenos Aires government reached an historic solid waste management agreement.

Comunicado del Gremio Reciclador a la Opinion Publica – La Voluntad del Alcalde Mayor de Bogotá, Gustavo Petro, destrabo 25 años de lucha

Bogotá, Colombia – 12 diciembre 2012 La Asociación Cooperativa de Recicladores de Bogotá – ARB-  le presenta un cálido saludo a   los 15 mil  recicladores de Bo...

Support and solidarity with ARB by recyclers from Brazil, Latin America and the rest of the world

In response to this call for support and solidarity from the waste pickers of Bogota, all participants united in Brazil this past Friday November 30th, representing waste picker or...

Chintan’s new study – Give Back our Waste: What the Okhla waste-to-energy plant has done to local wastepickers

Dear Friend, Greetings from Chintan! We are delighted to share with you our latest study titled “Give Back Our Waste”: What the Okhla Waste-to-Energy Plant has Done to Local Wa...