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Waste pickers to stop subsidising the Pune Municipal Corporation!

In 2007 waste pickers in Pune stepped out of garbage containers to establish SWaCH, a workers cooperative to provide front end waste management services to their city. SWaCH enabled their transition from waste pickers to service providers.

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The struggle for waste pickers’ rights in Pune continues

Pressure against the private contractors has been mounting since the Pimpri Chinchwad municipal government (PCMC) withheld payment from the company for violating labor laws. The new contracts proposed by the city government are supposed to ensure that workers will be paid minimum wages.

Safai Sena protesting the exploitation and extortion of waste pickers by private contractors. (Photo: Safai Sena)

Safai Sena waste pickers protest exploitation by private contractors

On August 16, 2013, over 250 waste recyclers of Safai Sena held a protest in front of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam office. Many of them marched over 12 kilometers despite heavy rains that day. The protest was organized to raise a collective voice against the illegal collection of money by private contractors and exploitation of waste recyclers in Kavi Nagar and Mohan Nagar zones.


The company BVG Kshitij violates Minimum Wages and Contract Labor in Pimpri Chinchwad

The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation authorities had been shockingly apathetic to the inhuman treatment to over 400 waste workers employed by its contractor BVG Kshitij. In frustration, the Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat (KKPKP) called for a public “verification drive” to ascertain the exact wages paid to workers by the company.

A landfill in León, Nicaragua catches fire

On January 1, a fire broke out in the municipal landfill of León, Nicaragua. According to Red Lacre, bad management by the municipal government and Cielo Group, the company responsible for the landfill’s operations, was the cause of the fire.

Major victory at the High Court benefits SWaCH waste pickers

SWaCH — a waste picker-owned cooperative that was responsible for recycling throughout half of Pune, India — has been fighting a battle since it was squeezed out by a private contractor hired by the municipal government.

nigeria waste pickers' meeting

Nigerian waste pickers are organizing!

The Second Organizing Meetings with Waste Pickers was held in seven target cities in Nigeria. The purpose of the meetings is to support waste pickers’ organizing so they can better represent and protect themselves and have a platform to relate with members of the public, the government, waste dealers and other end users in a more organized way.

Solidarity with Costa Rican waste pickers after landfill closure

In December, Sujeylin Isabel Ordoñez Quesada, a waste picker with “Cooperativa de Recuperadores del Pacifico R.L (COOPEREPA)” of Costa Rica, sent an email to Red Lacre (Latin American Network of Waste Pickers) requesting advice about what actions to take in regards to the closure of the Parque Ambiental de Garabito landfill and the likely loss of the livelihoods of the 18 families working there.

credits vs carbon credits film - santu interviews guards

New film by waste pickers about impact of carbon credits: “Credits vs Carbon Credits”

Chintan Environmental Research & Action Group and Safai Sena just released a new documentary, Credits vs Carbon Credits. The film explores the effects of large projects vying for carbon credits on the livelihoods of waste pickers.

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Waste pickers’ workshop in Kinshasa, DRC

The second round of a workshop to support waste pickers organizing in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, was held in January of 2013. The Congolese Women’s Right League, a StreetNet affiliate, with support from WIEGO, organized an event that brought together 30 waste picker delegates from Bandundu, Bas Congo and Kinshasa.

Crónicas de una lucha por la inclusión Recicladores Bogotá

Video – Chronicles of a struggle for inclusion: The December 2012 garbage crisis in Bogota

“Chronicles of a struggle for inclusion: The December 2012 garbage crisis of Bogota” shows organized waste pickers promptly taking actions to reduce the impact of the garbage crisis in Bogota and giving an account of the series of unfortunate events and bad decisions that led to it, and of their struggles and victories throughout time to secure their rights and livelihoods.

Photos from the waste pickers’ march for inclusion in Bogota – Dec. 13, 2012

Photos from the waste picker’s march for inclusion in Bogotá, past December 13th 2012. Photo credits: Federico Parra

SWaCH struggle for labor rights continues

India – November 2012 Update from Alliance of Indian Waste Pickers (AIW): SWaCH officially terminated work on November 1 in the PCMC (the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporati...

Messages of support from Latin America to India

Message from Alex Cardoso, MNCR (Brazil) Greetings fellow waste pickers organized with AIKMM, it would be a great pleasure to be able to participate one more time with you and to d...

Recicladores de Bogotá: Mensaje de Silvio Ruiz Grisales, reciclador

apreciados y queridas el tema ha estado al dia en la agenda publica, favor leer y difundir saludos silvio ruiz grisales Reciclador Congreso cita a control político a Petro por rec...

AIKMM’s First National Conference: December 10-11

10-11 December 2012 in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh Dear Friends and Supporters, Following the opening of the Indian economy in early 1990s, Indian cities have been going through monume...

Chintan publication: “Failing the Grade” – waste pickers and solid waste management

In March 2007, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) released a Performance Audit of Management of Waste in India. Amongst his observations, one was related to the lack of recognition of the informal sector. The report stated, “Only 17 percent of the sampled states had recognized the role of the wastepickers.”

Protest March *Aug. 29* by Delhi Waste Collectors: Appeal from All India Kabadi Mazdoor Mahasangh (AIKMM)

Dear Supporters, As you know, the All India Kabadi Mazdoor Mahasangh (AIKMM, All India Waste Workers’ Federation) has been working for the rights of the informal sector in Delhi ...

SWACH signing out of MOU and terminating contract with PCMC

Pune, India – 30 July SWACH Position Paper SWACH is conceived as a decentralised, environmental friendly,  user fee based model of solid waste management that upgrades livel...

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