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Alex Cardoso, MNCR, na Cúpula dos Povos, Rio de Janeiro.

March 1st: Message from Alex Cardoso, Brazilian National Movement

Today is still very far from being the day of happiness which all human beings yearn for, but certainly, bringing to light and to memory the tragic events that happened 26 years ago makes us reflect better on where we are today.


Invitation from the National Association of Colombian Waste Pickers: Celebrate March 1st!

In the name of the National Association of Waste Pickers of Colombia, we would like to send you special greetings and blessings and a big hug.

A landfill in León, Nicaragua catches fire

On January 1, a fire broke out in the municipal landfill of León, Nicaragua. According to Red Lacre, bad management by the municipal government and Cielo Group, the company responsible for the landfill’s operations, was the cause of the fire.

Solidarity with Costa Rican waste pickers after landfill closure

In December, Sujeylin Isabel Ordoñez Quesada, a waste picker with “Cooperativa de Recuperadores del Pacifico R.L (COOPEREPA)” of Costa Rica, sent an email to Red Lacre (Latin American Network of Waste Pickers) requesting advice about what actions to take in regards to the closure of the Parque Ambiental de Garabito landfill and the likely loss of the livelihoods of the 18 families working there.

photo - huichapan cement kiln

Case study from GAIA and Revuelta Verde – CDM proposal to burn waste in Mexico

The Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) and Revuelta Verde recently released a report on the struggle against waste incineration in cement factories in Mexico. The United Nations´ Clean Development Mechanism (carbon trading scheme) could approve a proposal for a UK-based company to incinerate waste in a cement kiln in Huichapan

Crónicas de una lucha por la inclusión Recicladores Bogotá

Video – Chronicles of a struggle for inclusion: The December 2012 garbage crisis in Bogota

“Chronicles of a struggle for inclusion: The December 2012 garbage crisis of Bogota” shows organized waste pickers promptly taking actions to reduce the impact of the garbage crisis in Bogota and giving an account of the series of unfortunate events and bad decisions that led to it, and of their struggles and victories throughout time to secure their rights and livelihoods.

cartoneros MTE - argentina

Victory in Buenos Aires! Waste picker cooperatives reach an historic agreement with the municipal government

On January 2, waste picker cooperatives and the Buenos Aires government reached an historic solid waste management agreement.

Photos from the waste pickers’ march for inclusion in Bogota – Dec. 13, 2012

Photos from the waste picker’s march for inclusion in Bogotá, past December 13th 2012. Photo credits: Federico Parra

Comunicado del Gremio Reciclador a la Opinion Publica – La Voluntad del Alcalde Mayor de Bogotá, Gustavo Petro, destrabo 25 años de lucha

Bogotá, Colombia – 12 diciembre 2012 La Asociación Cooperativa de Recicladores de Bogotá – ARB-  le presenta un cálido saludo a   los 15 mil  recicladores de Bo...

Waste Pickers from Bogotá Need Your Support #todosconARB

In the city of Bogotá, Colombia, waste pickers of the Recyclers’ Association of Bogota (ARB) have been organizing themselves for more than two decades. ARB is one of the oldest independent waste picker-run associations in the world. But the association and its 2,500 members are not being recognized by the current municipal government of Bogotá. Their livelihoods are threatened by the interests of big companies and members of the government who are trying to take over the profitable business of solid waste management.

Petition for inclusive recycling in Bogotá, Colombia

This is the English translation of the petition for an inclusive  recycling in Bogotá, Colombia.
Gustavo Petro, Mayor of Bogotá: I want your guarantee of real inclusion of all waste pickers in Bogotá.
I want him to ensure the real inclusion of all waste pickers in Bogotá.”On December 18th 2012, the department of the district government which is responsible for waste management in Bogotá, UAESP, plans to deliver new contracts to fictitious waste picker organizations. It is demonstrating once again a lack of compliance with its agreements, and jeopardizing the livelihoods of thousands of waste pickers and their families.” Read the full petition in English.

Support and solidarity with ARB by recyclers from Brazil, Latin America and the rest of the world

In response to this call for support and solidarity from the waste pickers of Bogota, all participants united in Brazil this past Friday November 30th, representing waste picker or...

The Global Alliance of Waste Pickers at Expocatadores: Highlights

Peter Wilson of Kenya speaks at the Global Alliance panel at Expocatadores
Juliene Mangni, is one of two waste pickers from African countries participating at Expocatadores. This is her first trip outside of Benin. She is the president of an association of 366 women waste pickers in her city of Cotonou, Benin. She and the other women waste pickers sell the plastics, cans and cardboards they collect at a large market. Juliene is trying to improve the situation for the waste pickers. They lack basic equipment for waste picking. Another major issue is that the local government doesn’t acknowledge the waste pickers and provides no support.

Expocatadores – São Paulo, Brazil

Expocatadores is an event for business, experience exchanges, disseminating knowledge and technology for efficient and inclusive waste management. The event, which runs from Nov. 28-30, is hosting 1,500 waste pickers from 25 Brazilian states as well as visitors and government leaders. On Nov. 29, former president Lula Inácio da Silva spoke in the main auditorium. There has also been an international presence, with participation from waste pickers from 12 countries in Latin America as well as India, Benin, and Kenya.

Also happening during Expocatadores is the 3rd National and International Gathering of Waste Pickers, the goal of which is to exchange experiences. The themes debated in the technical seminars focus on the implementation of the National Waste Policy, the closing of open dumps and waste management plans.

Messages of support from Latin America to India

Message from Alex Cardoso, MNCR (Brazil) Greetings fellow waste pickers organized with AIKMM, it would be a great pleasure to be able to participate one more time with you and to d...

Recicladores de Bogotá: Mensaje de Silvio Ruiz Grisales, reciclador

apreciados y queridas el tema ha estado al dia en la agenda publica, favor leer y difundir saludos silvio ruiz grisales Reciclador Congreso cita a control político a Petro por rec...

The new communications secretariat for Red Lacre

Felipe Rosario has been a proud waste picker since 2008, when he followed both of his brothers’ footsteps into the profession. He was 18 years old. A native of Cuesta Blanca,...

Update from Latin America

2nd National Waste Pickers’ Conference of Venezuela Mérida, Venezuela May 17-18, 2012 Organized by the National Association of Waste Pickers of Venezuela and with the suppor...

MNCR: Summary of MNCR’s Collective Demands

Solid waste and social inclusion Create laws, fiscalize and comply with national laws that control solid waste treatment that guarantees the social inclusion of waste pickers. Elim...