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Movimento Nacional de Catadores de Materiais Recicláveis (MNCR)

São Paulo, Brazil


Primary information

Year formed
Number of groups
Number of members
Type of members
Members are waste picker organizations
Occupation of members
Waste pickers
Type of Organization
Movement, Network of cooperatives
Organizational Reach
Workplace of members
Collection from companies, Door to door, Dumpsite, Landfill, Street
Organization Structure
Works from grassroots organizations: regional committees: and through other structures to the National commission
Recognition of waste pickers, self-organization and self management, against privatization, independence, integration of solid waste management, mutual support and solidary, the right to work, the right to education, the right to child care for all, payment to waste pickers for collection of recyclable materials, control of the chain of materials recycled, social and economic empowerment of waste pickers, the right to education, day care centers for waste pickers and their families
Women composition
over 50% women



Community sale of materials, Community storage of materials, New items made from collected materials, Special collections from large generators of waste
Treatmet of organic materials
Biogas, Composting, Pig farming

Complementary Information

Information Source
WORD 17/7/2013, RedLacre 2012

Comments / Narrative

National Secretariat is in São Paulo. They are in 27 states, approximately 1000 cities, but aren’t sure of the exact statistic. The Association was founded in 2001.

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