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South African Waste Pickers Association (SAWPA)

Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Primary information

Year formed
Number of members
Type of members
Members are waste picker organizations, Members are waste pickers
Occupation of members
Waste pickers
Type of Organization
Association, Movement
Organizational Reach
Organization Structure
National Working Group with 7 members, one from each of the 7 participating provinces. No formal chair, NPO number or constitution.
Improve livelihoods, recycling, recognition of waste pickers, promote the rights of waste pickers, promote the Waste Picker Law, organizing at local and national level, reduce vulnerability and risk, develop and promote MBOs, against privatization, strengthen unity and cohesion among waste pickers
Partnering organizations
GroundWork, WIEGO,
Women composition



Challenges to access waste
Lack of recognition, Lack of unity between organizations, Privatization

Complementary Information

Information Source
Africa 2009

Comments / Narrative

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