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Initial Response of Informal Waste Workers to Waste Management Manual Draft

We are pleased that waste management—and in particular, the important roles that informal waste workers play in municipal solid waste management—is receiving needed attention from India’s central ministries. However, we are supremely disappointed in the process by which this manual has been drafted.

Photo: AIKMM.

Relief material needed! Masoodpur homeless cluster gutted in fire

I am writing this email on behalf of All India Kabadi Mazdoor Mahasangh(AIKMM). There has been a massive fire in Masoodpur in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi around 7:30 am on 25 April 2014, where waste recyclers live. Approximately 1000 huts (Jhuggi) were razed to the ground.

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AIKMM: National Green Assembly on “Waste Legislation and Waste Pickers”: New MSW draft rules continue to exclude Waste Pickers

There is urgent need to assess the measures that the government has taken over the past decade to improve waste management in the country. Millions of dollars have been spent in large scale, centralised technochratic solutions with little impact or improvement in levels of recycling. The Draft MSW Rules, 2013, do nothing to reform the situation. Instead, they seek to continue with the status quo and only increase the already thriving presence of waste to energy plants across the country. Is this the answer to our waste management woes? A consultation of concerned stakeholders seeks to address this question.

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AIKMM Petition: Integrate waste pickers in solid waste management systems in India

Working very hard in most unfavorable and hazardous conditions, they are the sole player in reducing carbon emission by saving remarkable amount of energy and ensuring recycling and reuse of major portion of the garbage. Their role is not only to serve the environment they are also playing key role to support the executing bodies in saving a huge part of revenue and reducing the carbon emission. Sign the petition here.

Local MLA Mr. Veer Singh Dhinghan spoke to the community in New Seemapuri. Photo credit: AIKMM.

Mazdoor Chetna Sabha: waste pickers celebrate May Day in New Delhi

In recognition of International Labour Day, or May Day, AIKMM and its associate organization NALR hosted a program to promote solidarity amongst the waste collectors in northeast Delhi.

Members of Kabad se Jugad making art from recyclable materials. Photo credit: Rolando Politi.

Women’s waste picker cooperative in New Delhi transforms recyclables into art

In March of this year, Kabad Se Jugad, a women’s cooperative that makes arts and crafts out of recyclable materials launched in the Seemapuri neighborhood of New Delhi. Before forming the cooperative, members survived by collecting waste from the surrounding neighborhoods. In partnership with New York-based artist, Rolando Politi, also known as Recycle and Pray, these waste pickers are transforming these materials into objects and art, “relying on inspiration and creativity (in Hindi: jugad) to guide our production process” and “bringing our talent of improvising from waste to the wider world.”

AIKMM’s First National Conference: December 10-11

10-11 December 2012 in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh Dear Friends and Supporters, Following the opening of the Indian economy in early 1990s, Indian cities have been going through monume...

Protest March *Aug. 29* by Delhi Waste Collectors: Appeal from All India Kabadi Mazdoor Mahasangh (AIKMM)

Dear Supporters, As you know, the All India Kabadi Mazdoor Mahasangh (AIKMM, All India Waste Workers’ Federation) has been working for the rights of the informal sector in Delhi ...