The Global Alliance of Waste Pickers is a networking process supported by WIEGO, among thousands of waste picker organizations with groups in more than 28 countries covering mainly Latin America, Asia and Africa.
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The Federation of Waste Pickers of Argentina mobilizes to defend inclusive recycling

On August 27, the waste pickers marched to the Ministry of the Environment and Public Space, protesting the city’s failure to implement the recycling service agreement. We are profoundly worried that if this continues, the Ministry of the Environment and Public Space will put at risk the health of the city, will increase the waste being buried at landfills…

Substitution of Animal Traction Vehicles in Bogota.

Substitution of Animal Traction Vehicles in Bogota

In 2003, the national transit code sought to eradicate animal traction vehicles or animal pulled carts that would have affected hundreds of thousands in Colombia. They had to demand their rights.


Recyclers in Nicaragua: A Productive and Environmental Force

WIEGO, UCA and Red Nica are collaborating to create an alliance for a baseline study of the thousands of waste pickers/recyclers in Nicaragua, the majority of whom are not heard or considered and remain invisible.

wps of colombia - documentary

Struggling for Recognition: The Waste Pickers of Colombia

For the past 22 years, the waste pickers of Colombia have been fighting for recognition of their work. “There are no borders for those who fight,” is the slogan that symbolizes the struggle of the more than 15 million waste pickers, who are facing global threats – against their lives, organization and towards the environment.


Waste pickers in Asunción, Paraguay need help after devastating floods

In the month of June, many residents of the Bañado Tacumbú neighborhood of Asunción, Paraguay, had to evacuate their homes because of flooding. The flood has affected about 5,000 families, 80 percent of which are waste picker families

coordinadora pro clasificadores - imagen

Waste pickers respond to Uruguay’s waste-to-energy plans

As a response to information recently published about the current government-led public bidding process that aims to promote waste-to-energy in Uruguay, a pro-waste picker initiative called the Coordinadora Pro Clasificadores (CPC) declares in four points that the generation of energy from waste is not a solution.

petro se queda

Video: the recicladores of Bogotá on the ousting of Mayor Petro

In a video produced by ARB and supported by WIEGO, Silvio Ruiz Grisales, a Colombian recycler, spoke about the continued fight for the right to waste management in Bogotá.

Foto: Recicladores Bolivia.

Bolivian waste pickers demand their right to social security

Waste pickers’ associations from seven cities in Bolivia that participated in the second national conference, marched to demand the passage of a law that recognizes them as workers and gives them the right to social security benefits.

Screen shot from the documentary about Gericinó dump in Rio called "Catador".

“As of today, the waste pickers of Rio de Janeiro will go hungry”

In the first week of September, 246 waste pickers of the Gericinó dumpsite in Bangú, a peripheral neighborhood in the Rio de Janeiro municipality, were facing the possibility of being suddenly out of work. The workers found out that the city, which has been in the process of closing the dumpsite for many months, was going to hand management over to a private company within two weeks time and that the dumpsite would be off limits.

cronicas video-si se puede

Video: Chronicles of a Struggle for Inclusion, Part 3: Sí Se Puede

Waste pickers have found that collective action in defense of their rights and livelihoods is an effective solution to transforming the difficult working conditions, discrimination and harassment they face.

Nohra Padilla with other winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize, Jonathan Deal, Azzam Alwash, Rossano Ercolini, Aleta Baun, Kimberly Wasserman.

Goldman Prize acceptance speech by informal recycler Nohra Padilla + Photos + White House visit

Here is a video of the Goldman Prize acceptance speech of Nohra Padilla, informal recycler and leader of the Colombian waste pickers’ movement. As part of the Goldman Prize, Padilla and other supporters of inclusive waste management (including the director of the Bogotá solid waste management department) were taken on a tour of San Francisco’s Zero Waste program. See the gallery of photos in this post. Also, Nohra Padilla is also scheduled to meet with President Obama. More on that soon!

Image from Cronicas de Una Lucha Por Inclusion - Parte 2

Part 2: “Chronicles of a Fight for Inclusion: The December 2012 Garbage Crisis of Bogotá”

This video discusses Auto 275, a Bogotá law meant to protect waste pickers’ rights as public service providers and to guarantee payment. It led to the court order that resulted in the organized waste pickers of Bogotá receiving priority as service providers and receiving payment for the first time. Auto 275 is explained via interviews conducted by a Bogotá waste picker with government authorities. The version with English subtitles is coming soon!

After going through security protocols, each received a PIN to claim their payment in any teller machine. Once they introduced their PIN in the teller machine, they received their payment. People burst into applause, jubilant shouts and even tears. “No more speeches! No more announcements!”—They shouted.

A time to celebrate! Dreams come true for the organized waste pickers of Bogotá

After over 20 years of fighting for recognition and inclusion in the city’s waste management system, the organized waste pickers of Bogotá finally saw their dreams come true when the municipal government issued them in March their first payment for the collection and transportation of recyclable materials. It was the first time they were paid as public service providers to the city.

Recicladores march in Bogotá on March 1st. Photo credit: ARB.

1° de marzo: photo gallery of events in Bogotá

Algunas imágenes de nuestros eventos en este 1 de marzo 2013 en Bogotá!

Solidarity with Costa Rican waste pickers after landfill closure

In December, Sujeylin Isabel Ordoñez Quesada, a waste picker with “Cooperativa de Recuperadores del Pacifico R.L (COOPEREPA)” of Costa Rica, sent an email to Red Lacre (Latin American Network of Waste Pickers) requesting advice about what actions to take in regards to the closure of the Parque Ambiental de Garabito landfill and the likely loss of the livelihoods of the 18 families working there.

Photos from the waste pickers’ march for inclusion in Bogota – Dec. 13, 2012

Photos from the waste picker’s march for inclusion in Bogotá, past December 13th 2012. Photo credits: Federico Parra

Comunicado del Gremio Reciclador a la Opinion Publica – La Voluntad del Alcalde Mayor de Bogotá, Gustavo Petro, destrabo 25 años de lucha

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Messages of support from Latin America to India

Message from Alex Cardoso, MNCR (Brazil) Greetings fellow waste pickers organized with AIKMM, it would be a great pleasure to be able to participate one more time with you and to d...

Recicladores de Bogotá: Mensaje de Silvio Ruiz Grisales, reciclador

apreciados y queridas el tema ha estado al dia en la agenda publica, favor leer y difundir saludos silvio ruiz grisales Reciclador Congreso cita a control político a Petro por rec...