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March 01, 2011

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Waste Pickers Across Latin America Unite with the Waste Pickers of Colombia to Recognize “Dia Mundial del Reciclador”

Thousands of waste pickers across Latin America will demonstate today on “World Waste Picker Day” as they have each year since 2008. Dia Mundial del Reciclador brings attention to the difficult work conditions that waste pickers experience, the valuable contribution that waste pickers provide to society and the environment, and the need for waste pickers to organize to improve their work and living conditions.

Events scheduled today across Latin America include marches and days of reflection in Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.

Dia Mundial del Reciclador was established in 2008 during the First World Conference and Third Latin American Conference Waste Pickers to commemorate the violent deaths of 10 waste pickers in Colombia.