The International Alliance of Waste Pickers is a union of waste picker organizations representing more than 460,000 workers across 34 countries
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November 13, 2011

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Coordination Meeting MNCR and LAWPN, Sao Paulo-Brasil, end August

Some Latin American leaders, part of the Latin American Wastepicker Network along with Wiego Regional Coordinator for Latin America, will meet with the main MNCR (Brazilian National Movement of Collectors of Recyclable Materials) leaders to decide on further involvement in regional and international networking process. At this meeting, possible coordination and invitations for African exchange and learning visits to Brazil may take place. See more and

Fund raising workshop for AIW, India, end August

Inclusive Cities global director will provide a fundraising workshop to the Indian Alliance of Wastepickers (AIW) members in India in late August. This is part of WIEGO’s sustainable plans programme aiming to achieve autonomy and financial independence from partners. See more

Clinton Global Initiative- informal sector recycling meeting, New York-USA, mid September

Global Wastepicker Coordinator along with a Latin American waste picker representative will attend this meeting with key actors involved in dumpsite closing strategies, waste to energy projects, and business models for recycling, with the aim of the Wastepickers Global Alliance getting their voice heard amongst important players which are not necessarily aware of its demands. See more

Expocatadora, Sao Paulo-Brasil, early November

The Brazilian Wastepicker Mouvement will hold its 3rd Expocatadora this year, involving thousands of their waste picker members and previous president Lula and current president Dilma. It expects the participation of several international participants such as Latin American, African and Indian waste pickers. See more

ILO workshop, India, November

The Indian Alliance of Wastepickers has planned as part of their regional year programme to hold a meeting with ILO (International Labour Organisation) members in India. Although there is little information on this activity, we are expecting to organize something with the Green Jobs Programme at the ILO as part of its recent interest on working with Wiego and the Global Alliance of Wastepickers. For more information: Lakshmi Narayan, Asian coordinator at Wiego and KKPKP General Secretariat <>,

Launch of Global Wastepickers website, mid November

As part of the decisions and discussions held last March at the International Interim Steering Committee of Wastepickers, a new Wastepickers groups website is being prepared and designed in collaboration with a communication secretariat in Chile, as well as an editorial committee from different continents. More on this soon!

COP 17, Durban SouthAfrica, late November

For the third time, waste pickers will be representing the sector at the Conference of Parties, in Durban. As happened in Copenhagen in 2009 and Cancun in 2010, a group of waste picker representantives from India, Africa and Latin America will come together as a Global Alliance of Wastepickers along with allies from GAIA and WIEGO. See more at