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January 09, 2012

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Despite sustained public protests and lawsuits against the Timarpur-Okhla waste-to-energy incinerator in Sukhdev Vihar, the beginning of trial runs this January 2 has invited the ire of the residents of this densely populated area.

“The incinerator is located in a residential area which is surrounded by university, schools, hospitals and a bird sanctuary. It is huge health and environmental hazard and the residents have been protesting for a long time. But it seems that the Delhi Government has turned a deaf ear to the protest and plea of the over one million people who will be adversely affected by the plant. The trial run of any plant that has to be commissioned usually do not last more than three days, but in this case the residents have not been informed about any time period. This has us worried,” said Anant Trivedi, a resident of Ishwar Nagar and member of the technical review committee set up by the former Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh. Read more