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February 02, 2012

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Hello to you all,

First we present our best wishes and success in all your endeavors. We just have to inform you that this long silence is not an omission on our part. But we are caught up daily by our daily work.

These activities have caused a sudden rupture and difficulty for us. For the village of Gouy-Gui burned Thursday, January 19 and almost 70 waste pickers have lost their possessions. Our partners came to us and even the Minister of Public Health came to see the site of the fire.

The Minister has given 10 million CFA francs to support the recovery of those affected by fire and support the activities of the House Community For Mbeubeuss.

We are sending pictures to give you an idea of the damage. The fire destroyed almost everything.

The situation is sad right now but the recovery will resume gradually, as they have lost almost all their property.

We will keep you informed.

Regards to you all,

Harouna Niasse

Book Diomm Waste Pickers’ Association