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Country India

February 02, 2012

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India – 31 Jan 2012 – There was a huge fire yesterday (31st January) at Ghazipur Dairy Farm, near landfill (Delhi-UP border) at 3:00 am early morning. More than 500 slum huts were burnt and about 350 households have lost all their belongings. Though, the fire was controlled by the administration and community members in couple of hours, only half of the slum huts could be saved after the endeavor.

The people living in this area are engaged with waste collection and it is their only source of livelihood. They are being organized with AIKMM (All India Kabadi Mazdoor Mahasangh).

With this fire, they have not just lost all their belongings but also need immediate assistance in the form of food, clothes and shelter in this cold season.

We appeal all of you to kindly help them in whatever form you can. There is immediate need for tarpaulin sheets, daris, blankets, winter clothing, food and utensils. We look forward to your assistance.

Relief Materials needed at Gazipur cluster – For 210 Families

(Item, Unit Cost, Total Cost for 210 families)

1) Utensils

Rs 800 per unit

Rs 1,68,000

2) Housing Materials ( Balli, Tirpal, Ropes etc) ( 4 ballis

Unit cost: Rs 900

Total cost for 210 families: Rs 1,89,000

3) Blankets

Unit cost: Rs 150

Total cost for 210 families: Rs 78,750

4) Mat (chattiye)

Unit cost: Rs 200

Total cost for 210 families: Rs 42,000

Total Cost

Rs 4, 77,750 (Four Lac Seventy Seven Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Rupees)

For more details, contact:

Shashi Bhushan Pandit

Mobile: 09968413109