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We extend our support and solidarity to the wastepickers of Pimpri Chinchwad in the struggle for decent work and improved livelihoods and against the actions of the municipality that are undermining the partnership with the SWaCH cooperative and threatening green livelihoods.

Until today, Pimpri Chinchwad was held up as a progressive municipality because it  had adopted a collection system that benefited everyone- citizens, the municipality, the environment and the wastepickers.  The work of SWaCH and the municipality has been considered a global “best practice” in integrated solid waste management practices. In particular, the recycling rate of 18% and the stable livelihoods this work has been able to provide for working poor women through the SWaCH cooperative is highly impressive.We will advocate for wastepickers to be integrated as part of a professional solid waste management service in PCMC.

We demand that:
The PCMC integrates all the wastepickers of SWACH as well as authorised KKPKP wastepickers in any doorstep waste collection model pursuant to various state and central government directives

The PCMC ensures wastepickers’ rights over recyclables are protected
The PCMC ensures wastepickers earn a minimum wage
The PCMC ensures decent, upgraded livelihoods for all its wastepickers

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