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On January 1, a fire broke out in the municipal landfill of León, Nicaragua. According to Red Lacre, bad management by the municipal government and Cielo Group, the company responsible for the landfill’s operations, was the cause of the fire. Red Lacre says that for a long time, the North American company has been taking waste from waste pickers. “We have been the biggest protectors of the environment without receiving any salary or equipment and resources to keep the city clean,” said David Narvaez of Red Nica and Red Lacre.

“The waste pickers’ cooperative of León, COMDESGAS, which is a member of Red Nica (the national network of Nicaraguan waste pickers) and Red Lacre, demand that our brothers and sisters of León have the right to solid waste management,” he continued. “We say no to the privatization of landfills and dumpsites, no to incineration, and yes to recycling.”