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August 01, 2013

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Cataforte. Alex Cardoso, MNCR. (Photo: MNCR)

Cataforte. Alex Cardoso, MNCR. (Photo: MNCR)

This is a summary of MNCR’s press release in Portuguese

The National Waste Pickers’ Movement of Brazil (MNCR) participated on July 31st in the launch of the third edition of Cataforte, a federal program whose purpose is to strengthen waste pickers’ organizations. The objective is the restructuring of waste pickers’ networks and associations so that these solidary networks become more capable of performing recycling service for municipalities, as well as to become involved in reverse logistics (producer responsibility) and begin to commercialize their recyclable materials, with the goal of reaching 35 networks.

Alex Cardoso, a representative of the MNCR, said at the event, “Waste pickers should maintain their rights to work in the streets, but if today they are working precariously in the streets, this is a reflection of the partnership municipalities have with waste pickers. The tendency is that through valuing and structuring [waste pickers’ associations], waste pickers will continue to work in the streets but in a more organized way.” Press release with photos (in Portuguese)

Cataforte 2013. (Photo: MNCR)

Cataforte 2013. (Photo: MNCR)