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September 21, 2013



The event “beyond the recycling, the work of waste pickers!”, that took place on last Saturday, September 21, was a resounding success! The Valoristes, a solidarity cooperative, that organized the event, managed to recuperate and divert 24,500 containers from landfills!

The objective of this day, which was to raise awareness among people of Quebec to the socio-economic importance of recuperation of beverage containers was fully achieved: the deposit points and the booth for awareness created for the occasion welcomed more than 180 people!

Thanks to the participation of the Montrealers, waste pickers or citizens, the artists Pierre Allard (ATSA) and Phil Allard created a gigantic work, consisting of recuperated bottles. The bystanders warmly applauded and photographed the animation.

“24,500 containers, it’s more than the 20,000 containers we hoped to collect! Beyond this trophy, the number and the diversity of people we have met who were interested in our cooperative project, reinforce the need to continue our work: to raise funds.”