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November 08, 2013


dont burn our future

November 8th was the Global Day of Action Against Incineration. More than 25 actions in 14 countries across six continents were held to protest incineration and promote zero waste and socially inclusive alternatives. An international network of environmental, health, advocacy and anti-poverty groups organized the first global month of action against dirty energy from October 11 to November 11, 2013. Called Reclaim Power, the month of action included a November 8th day of action against something not traditionally seen as a form of dirty energy – burning waste, otherwise known as incineration. The Day of Action included a Global resolution against incineration as dirty energy, signed by 325 organizations from 60 countries. In the Philippines, South Africa, Brazil, and in Bahrain, waste pickers were involved in actions protesting incineration. See a list of activities held around the world and the full post. See a collection of photos from around the world on facebook page of the Global Alliance of Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA).