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Written by Nalini Shekar


Country India

December 01, 2013



The Bangalore city corporation (BBMP) has created a dry waste collection centre (DWCC) that manages inorganic recyclable waste at a decentralized level. The city is planning to create 197 such centers. Hasiru Dala’s intervention has resulted in getting 29 centres managed by the informal sector, including waste pickers and scrap dealers. Four waste pickers and two scrap dealers have an agreement with the city to run these centers. Hasiru Dala is a member-based organisation of waste pickers seeking to improve work conditions and ensure continued access to recyclables in the city of Bangalore, India.

Hasiru Dala is providing the technical support for the management of these centers. A centralized system to maintain statistics has been established. The potential of recyclable waste has attracted many wholesale buyers and recyclers who have approached Hasiru Dala to buy materials. This could result in better rates for the recycle material that the center has sorted.