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Written by Jorge Meoni


Country Paraguay

June 27, 2014

Foto: Pedro Quintana.

Foto: Pedro Quintana.

In the month of June, many residents of the Bañado Tacumbú neighborhood of Asunción, Paraguay, had to evacuate their homes because of flooding. The flood has affected about 5,000 families, 80 percent of which are waste picker families, according to Pedro Ramon Caballero Quintana, a waste picker leader in Asunción. They have lost almost all of their recyclable materials as well as their possessions in their homes. Quintana has documented the impact of the flood with facebook posts and has asked for support. He gave an update at the end of June, saying that the rains have continued after the flooding, and many waste pickers are not able to work.

If you would like to support the waste pickers of the Bañado Tacumbú neighborhood, contact “Pedro Ramon Caballero Quintana” on Facebook.