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Written by Federación Argentina de Cartoneros y Recicladores (FACYR)


Country Argentina

August 07, 2014

Rotunda victoria de los trabajadores cartoneros en Bahía Blanca
Written by Federación Argentina de Cartoneros y Recicladores (FACYR). 08/07/2014


After almost a month of conflict, the waste pickers of Bahía Blanca (Argentina), together with the Federation of Waste Pickers of Argentina (FACYR/CTEP), came to an agreement in August with the municipal government. The agreement will guarantee jobs and improved work conditions and put into effect a new socially inclusive recycling service. The conflict began when it was announced that a new ordinance would prohibit the entrance of horse-drawn carts into the municipality – without offering viable alternatives. Now, the collection will be done with manual pushcarts provided by the municipality. The material would be taken to a warehouse located 200 meters from the “exclusion zone” where the workers would be able to collectively or individually sell their material. The municipality has agreed to not expand the “exclusion zone” past the downtown area. The waste pickers will be responsible for environmental outreach and recycling collection. The municipality will be responsible for developing a system for eradicating child labor. It should provide us with tools for hygiene and security at the workplace. FACYR/CTEP are also working towards waste pickers receiving medical and other benefits. Access the press release (in Spanish).