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Country India

August 14, 2014



Seemapuri in north east Delhi is one of many hubs where waste pickers (kabadiwala) bring, sort, bale and ship waste resources.

Since more than one year now a start up of all women waste workers has been crafting one of a kind flowers and other gift items. The creative process is 100% reuse down to the packaging being used for export shipping!

Now it is a critical point in time in India for waste workers and women waste workers specifically. Please see this link for a vivid example of the daily toils faced by a woman picker in central Delhi:

The co-op in Seemapuri is known as “Kabad Se Jugad” (waste improves). Right now initial start up funds have all been spent for tools, supplies and rent. KSJ has decided to continue on the risky road of being all independent and self sustaining by the export sales of their unique flowers and mobiles!

The price for one flower is $30 (includes export shipping) but if you order multiples, the cost is only $25 each. To order please send mail to recycleandpray[-at] and specify the quantities and your shipping instructions. You need not pay until you receive the parcel in good order!

They make a great surprise gift for your loved ones. We ship anywhere in the world and a card from sender can be included! The number of women involved is directly proportional to the number of orders received and just one order for three flowers is enough for one women salary for one month!

We are still a very much informal “word of mouth” enterprise and the entire waste picking world is labeled by the government as the “informal” sector. The photos should give you a good idea about KSJ, the Seemapuri environment, the flowers and the packaging!

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