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Country Brazil

August 22, 2014

Catadores entregam proposta do PRONAREP ao Governo Federal
Written by MNCR. 08/22/2014

catadores entregam proposta de pronarep

On August 22, during the opening of the National Conference on Technologies for the Inclusion of Waste Pickers, held at the University of Brasilia, the national movement of waste pickers (MNCR) officially submitted to Minister of the Environment Gilberto Carvalho the proposal for the National Program for Investment in Popular Recycling (PRONAREP). Popular recycling is recycling done by the waste pickers, in associations and cooperatives. The PRONAREP program should introduce a fund to support waste pickers’ organizations, organized on different levels. The program should provide an alternative to public bids by private companies. The fund should support the small associations on top of open dumps as well as those that are selling collectively in organized networks. To make this plan possible, several conditions must be met (…). Read the complete press release (in Portuguese).