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Written by RENAREC


Country Ecuador

September 08, 2014

RENAREC brinda apoyo a recicladores de Bogota
Written by RENAREC. 09/08/2014


The National Network of Waste Pickers of Ecuador (RENAREC) salutes the waste pickers of Bogotá with the following words: In response to the situation expressed by our allies in Bogotá, Colombia, as they face the implementation of the model “Bogotá Humana” (Humane Bogotá), we as RENAREC announce all of our support and solidarity with the the union that promotes socially inclusive recycling and dignity for waste pickers. Made up of 33 associations of organized waste pickers, RENAREC remains at your disposal and ready to collaborate with our hands, our actions, our thoughts, and to share in the noble cause of seeking a better life for all of us.