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Country India

September 09, 2014


Chintan-rice bucket challenge

Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group with the German ambassador Michael Steiner, took up the ‘Rice Bucket Challenge’, donating rice to more than 300 families residing in a slum in Chanakyapuri, one of the areas Chintan is working with.

“Many people are taking up the ice bucket challenge but here in India, it is not about ice but rice. The idea is that the society still accepts the fact that there are poor people and we have to change that,” Steiner said.

Around 392 families residing in Vivekanand Camp in Chanakyapuri area here queued up to receive a bucket filled with five kilograms of rice each.

The event was organised by the Chintan and the German Embassy. The idea was to raise awareness among people to help in eradicating poverty.
Imran Khan, Noble Varghese, Chitra Mukherjee, Ragini Shankar Sinha, Mhd. Usman, Mhd. Wasim, Mhd. Rizwan, Faisal Ashraf and Mhd. Ibrahim were present from Chintan to coordinate the entire event.

“Of course, this is just a gesture. Unfortunately, our society still accepts poverty as unavoidable and we have to change that,” Steiner said.
About Chintan: The NGO partners with the informal recycling sector, such as wastepickers and kabaris, to clean up cities, recycle more efficiently and create livelihoods for wastepickers. As a result, it is also able to help children picking trash to go to school, as families earn steadier incomes.

Event Details:
Location: Vivekanand Camp, Chanakyapuri
Date: September 9, 2014
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Chitra Mukherjee – +91-9811350663
Manager, Advocacy and Outreach
Chintan Environmental Action and Research Group