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Written by Federación Argentina de Cartoneros y Recicladores (FACYR)


Country Argentina

September 15, 2014

Gestión social de los RSU: una política pública que debe continuar y ampliarse
Written by Federación Argentina de Cartoneros y Recicladores (FACYR). 09/15/2014
facyr - gestion social de los rsu

We would like to express our profound worry with the city government’s failure to fulfill the recycling agreement. This puts at risk the public policies the waste pickers have achieved that protect the environment and include the waste pickers and recyclers. We would like to remind the legislators and citizens that recycling makes up eight percent of waste. This confirms that policies are in place that continue to believe that burying waste and reproducing terrible consequences on the environment. We would also like to note the impact that the new “Green Campaigns” system has on getting 4,500 waste pickers and recyclers out of informality and precarious conditions. We are concerned about the attitude of the Ministry of the Environment and Public Space, which, instead of supporting and strengthening inclusive public policies, is trying to take away and collapse an inclusive system that has been developed with the waste pickers’ cooperatives and state workers. Access the complete press release. Read about the mobilization.