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Written by Asso Amelior


Country France

October 17, 2014

Vive les biffins! marché des récuperateurs vendeurs à Montreuil
Written by Asso Amelior. Amelior Canalblog. 09/09/2014

vive les biffins
School is starting but the biffins (waste pickers) of Asso Amelior have had no vacation. After a year and a half of monthly fairs at Croix de Chavaux, about 200 biffins will again display on top of cloths or on the ground the objects they find in trash bins and in the streets. With the goal of responding to economic and social necessities, and to a public made up of shoppers and occasional visitors, the event is an opportunity to participate in solidarity against exclusion. What exclusion? The kind that the biffins face throughout the year, getting expelled from their workplaces. Asso Amelior is only able to participate in artistic local displays. Between 2 and 3 pm there will be music and dance at the Cuban School of Dance, where we will learn the rhythms and moves of Cuban dances, followed by the music of Guyom Touseul.