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Country Brazil

April 08, 2015


On March 27, the Brazilian waste pickers’ movement (MNCR) hosted in São Paulo a gathering to discuss gender issues and how women’s’ empowerment can strengthen the national movement. “It was a productive and respectful gathering. We respected each other and could debate all of the themes,” said waste picker leader Jeane do Santos. “We were able to speak the same language. We hope that from now on to come together more, and to grow this discussion, because that is the focus of the national movement – to unite rather than scatter,” said waste picker representative Claudete da Silva. Over the years, the MNCR has been expanding the discussion on gender, as women comprise 70 percent of organized waste pickers. The MNCR is working towards women occupying more leadership and decision-making roles. “The objective is to strengthen the movement locally around public policy demands, and improve quality of life and work for women waste pickers,” explained MNCR representative Valquíria Pereira de Barros.