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Country India

May 01, 2015

Urgent appeal for help!
Written by Chintan. Facebook. 04/26/2015

chintan-ghaziabad fire

On April 26, 2015, there was a massive fire at the waste picker’s community at Panchsheel Colony, Bhopura in Ghaziabad at around 12:30am.

Over 150 shanties have been gutted although fortunately there has been no loss of lives. However, 700 waste pickers have been badly affected by the fire and have lost all their belongings. Chintan’s learning centre for waste picker children where over a 100 children from these communities come in every morning to study, has not been affected in the fire, but with the huge loss to the community, will their children be able to come to school?

Chintan’s entire Voice for Waste team headed by its manager, Imran Khan and members of the No Child in Trash team have been at the site since early morning assessing the damage and providing much needed support to the community. Safai Sena members from Bhopura and Takya Kale Khan have also pitched in with money for food and other necessary items.

A survey has been conducted by Chintan to know the number of adults and children that have been affected. They are in urgent need of food, clothes, and essential items.

Please do REACH OUT!

Total Population: Aprox. 700
Number of Children 0-4 age group: 101
Number of Children 5-14 age group: 219
People above 15: 380


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