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Country Brazil

June 14, 2015

Translated by Fernando Silva

filhos de catadores-cinema

The students at Recicla Filmes, a project created by Rede Cataunidos, attended and were very interested in learning movie making techniques. These young people – the children and grandchildren of waste pickers – attended the course’s opening class at Centro Cultural Lugar de Cinema and are already eager for the next class. The students were visited by the Uruguayan director and scriptwriter Pablo Stoll (Cannes, among others) and production designer Jeannine Oppewa (four-time Academy Award nominee), who works in Hollywood. Looking to create ways and opportunities to include the young children of waste pickers, Rede Cataunidos – comprised of 34 waste picker associations of Belo Horizonte, Metropolitan Area, Estrada Real and Centro-Oeste – set up the “Recicla Filmes” project.

The initiative is intended to train 45 young people chosen to participate in the project. They will have a total of 250 hours of practical and theoretical classes, resulting in the production of 08 short films on urban solid waste and the work performed by waste pickers. The Recicla Filmes project partnered up with the Nenuca Institute for Sustainable Development (Insea, in Portuguese), the National Movement of Waste Pickers (MNCR, in Portuguese), the National Waste Picker Association (ANCAT, in Portuguese) and the Lugar de Cinema Cultural Center. Read the press release.