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Written by Pimpex

April 11, 2016

PIMPEX and Sure We Can: visibility for NYC canners
Written by Pimpex. 04/11/2016

Who are the canners

The canners of NYC are autonomous workers who earn a living by collecting cans and bottles to be recycled. Through their selective collection activity they greatly contribute to recycling in the city. ‘Canning’ is also crucial for their livelihoods. However, they are not officially recognized as workers, which puts them in a vulnerable and marginalized situation.

What is this project?

Sure we can is the only non-for-profit redemption center in NYC. It provides a safe space for canners to redeem cans and bottles for 5cents each. SWC is collaborating with Pimp My Carroça to promote this Pimpex NY edition.

Pimp my carroça is a social, cultural and environmental project to promote visibility, respect and security for waste pickers/canners/recyclers. It started in Brazil where artist Thiago Mundano promoted a collective action to reform and paint the waste pickers’ carts and provide equipment to the workers.

PIMPEX is a micro version of this project that can be adapted and situated in different contexts. We want to bring this action to support canners in New York City!

What we propose

For this Pimpex NY edition we will reform the carts of 3 canners and provide them with safety equipment.

Reform and paint the carts. Artists will work with the canners in order to improve their carts, promoting their visibility and the value of their work.

Provide safety equipment. To support their everyday work canners will receive a package that includes rain-cloths, gloves, rope, glasses, flashlight, bags, shirt with reflective band.

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