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Written by Felipe Rosario

April 27, 2016

Translated by José Cortes


Nota de MNRRD República dominicana. 2016

In the Dominican Republic, we are approximately between 5.500 and 6000 working with recycling waste materials in landfill sites, transfer stations and in the streets. Even though we contribute to the recycling economy and to a more sustainable waste management, we have lived for decades in a situation of total anonymity and marginalization.

We have been victims of poverty, marginalization and social exclusion in a society which has no sustainable waste management culture. For a number of years, we have been organizing and fighting for our formal inclusion in the new waste management systems. In order to achieve this, we have received support from allies at a local and international level. Our working conditions have not improved, especially with hard conditions on landfill sites, from which we have been kicked out in the most abusive ways.

The new Solid Waste Management Draft Law of the Dominican Republic opens up an opportunity, because it is the first time we have been recognized as agents in waste management and recycling in particular. For our trade, this is a time to celebrate. Even so, we view with concern the future situation of thousands of colleagues who will be thrown out with the closure of land filled sites and the banning on access to waste disposal sites.  Access the original article in Spanish.

Download original letter in pdf.