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April 28, 2016 03/14/2016

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One year after the third consecutive Frente Amplio’s national government, we still cannot envisage from the leading authority on environmental issues, the National Directorate for the Environment (Dinama), the definition of a national policy on waste, which the country is in great need of.

It is required a national waste policy incorporating all waste materials, regardless of types and origin, which ties up all the “loose ends”, takes over a fading packaging/container law and surpasses the limited scope of various ministerial decrees (on agrochemical containers and other issues). From different levels (political, social, environmental and trade union) have arrived proposals and claims for a space to collectively build this policy.

Why has this not been brought together? They carry on ignoring and looking down on the ones who can contribute much to this topic. They need to take into account, as a fundamental point to consider, the ones who have long experience in sorting. Who benefits from this ineffective stagnancy which has been running on the progressive model for already 11 years? The ones working with waste are the only victims in this situation, and the ones who will be affected as the time goes by. There is not even a design for a national strategy to solve the problems waste materials present through a supportive and inclusive serious social policy.

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