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Written by Les Valoristes


Country Canada

July 20, 2017

Translated by Rhiana Chinapen

Fierté nationale : découvrez la Saint-Jean sociale et écologique !
Written by Les Valoristes. 07/06/2017

The Quebec National Holiday, St. Jean Baptiste Day (June 19th), is a time of festivities that comes with a lot of consumption outside the home. To address this ecological issue, and to make life easier for everyone, especially retailers, the Valoristes Solidarity Cooperative opened a special depot to collect all recyclable containers that would otherwise cause the garbage cans to overflow. We also held a Facebook competition where followers were invited to guess how many containers they would collect!

The cooperative runs a permanent depot, where any individual or company payment for the value of the containers that they return, without discrimination, without a limit on quantity, and in an efficient and welcoming environment.

Our partners have long understood the need for establishing such a repository. As the City of Montreal mentions in its social inclusion strategy: we need a 375th Anniversary for all! For their long-standing support and vision, we would like to thank the City of Montreal, the Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Inc., the Desjardins Credit Union, the Recycan Inc., the Borough Ville-Marie, Consignéco and RISQ.