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Country Brazil

October 22, 2019

Translated by Abrapalabra Co-op

On June 7, thousands of Brazilian waste pickers, who have been organized under the National Movement of Waste Pickers of Recyclable Materials in Brazil (MNCR) since 2001, marched together under the slogan “NÃO a INCINERAÇÃO” (Say no to incineration) to reaffirm their commitment towards life and citizens. They believe that taking care of the environment and fighting against pollution is only possible if we use a waste management system addressing recycling and social inclusion.

A few days later, waste pickers organized under the MNCR took part in the Latin American Meeting Against the Destruction of Urban Solid Waste:
Paths to Zero Waste, which was held in São Paulo, Brazil, on September 10.

The event is a joint initiative of the Zero Waste Alliance of Brazil, the MNCR and the Observatory for Inclusive and Solidarity Recycling of Brazil, aimed at designing strategies to deal with those views favouring incineration and solid waste dumping. Waste picker and MNCR representative Roselaine Mendes advocated against the Lixão Zero Program and the Interministerial Resolution No. 274. Enacted in April 2019, both measures set the incineration of 80% of all waste as the official waste management policy.

Roselaine said: “We need a national solid waste policy that effectively establishes a comprehensive waste management system, at all stages, regardless of the method. Incineration excludes waste pickers!”