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Country Argentina

October 28, 2019

Translated by Abrapalabra Co-op

On July 29, the Cooperative of Urban Waste Pickers of Tandil, which is located in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, sent recyclable materials to the city of Buenos Aires for the first time in history. The materials traveled 400 km to Buenos Aires so that they could be included in the collective market system already in place in the capital city. As a result, waste pickers from Tandil can receive a higher price for the materials they have collected, while helping to protect the environment.

It is fundamental to consider that this huge effort will prevent the burying of 30 tons of waste (including cardboard, paper, and plastic) in dumpsites. Instead, these materials will be once again in the market. This effort also helps waste pickers find a market for those materials that they cannot sell in Tandil.

This has been a huge step for the Cooperative of Urban Waste Pickers of Tandil, whose members are organized under the Federation of Waste Pickers and Recyclers of Argentina (FACCyR-CTEP) that brings together 80 waste pickers who fight against exclusion by creating a means of livelihood that is key to protecting the environment.