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Country India

March 24, 2020

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As we fight the battle against the Corona Virus COVID-19, it is important to remember that waste management and disposal is a crucial service. It is imperative that waste be collected and hygiene be maintained during such times as this helps contain the illness and also stems the spread of other infections that might be disastrous on our already strained healthcare system.

In such a situation, the waste pickers of SWaCH / sanitation workers are going about their daily work of collection and disposal of waste despite the fears of infection and vulnerability. These workers have been doing what needs to be done seamlessly and efficiently.
Imagine a situation where they (and other health and sanitation workers) were not to show up.

If they show up and do what needs to be done, should we, who benefit from their work, not show up as well? Please show your solidarity for those who provide us such services often thanklessly by giving them a shout out on your social media.

  • You can also stand by them by sharing some protective and hygiene items like sanitizers and gloves, should they need them. If they are at risk, we must help them mitigate that just as they are empowering our health and wellness through their work.
  • Please segregate wet and dry waste and also hazardous sanitary and medical waste by marking it separately with a Red Dot 🔴.
  • Make sure all waste is safe to handle. (Do not throw tissues or such items that can spread colds and infections openly)
  • Share some hygiene items like sanitizers and gloves if needed.
  • Provide access to soap and water for washing hands.
  • Please let them know that you appreciate their work. A smile or a kind word goes a long way.

Spread some Compassion so we can stop the spread of Corona. To know more about how you can help, call our helpline 9765999500
Stay Safe. Good health to one and all!

Waste pickers do crucial work for the health and wellness of everyone. They cannot stay at home, but you can stay at home and help protect their health like they protect yours. Support them and fight COVID-19 together.

  • Donate spare (unused and clean) gloves, soaps and hand sanitizers
  • Please let them access the common water taps in your buildings to wash their hands
  • Please contribute generously towards kits of dry rations (wheat, rice, lentils, pulses, oil, sugar, tea) as their family members lose work during the lock down.

How to support

For details and learn how to support you can use WhatsApp or sms or call 9765999550.

This article has been written with extracts of various Facebook posts by SWACH. Text, video and photos and their COVID-19 dedicated page in their website.