The International Alliance of Waste Pickers is a union of waste picker organizations representing more than 460,000 workers across 34 countries
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Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis (COVID-19) we have compiled on the page of the Global Alliance of Waste Pickers the different initiatives and actions that different waste picker organizations around the world have developed to curb its impact.

For a few days there have been several crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds to support waste pickers in order to develop:

  • Financial or food aid for those who cannot carry out their work and have stopped having an income.
  • Development of safety and prevention campaigns to prevent infections and purchase of material (soap,  face masks, gloves …).

We are compiling the different fundraising campaigns underway. If you know any more, send them to us!

Latin America


The Brazilian Waste Pickers Movement (MNCR) has launched this solidarity campaign in order to support tasters and make donations online in this difficult situation.
Donate (Brazil)


The #SolidaridadRecicladores campaign organized by the Alianza Separa, a group of waste picker organizations in the city of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area (Colombia), with the support of entities, companies, social groups and independent people seeks to protect the livelyhoods of 1,300 waste pickers in the midst of a health, social and environmental emergency.
Donate (Medellín, Colombia)



In Bangalore (India), Hasiru Dala has organized a campaign to offer recyclers food and care kits to the confinement decreed by the coronavirus.
Donate (Bangalore, India)


Pune and PCMC

SWaCH, from Pune (India) and KKPKP at PCMC are also asking for donations to be able to give their recyclers # COVID19 protection kits and food kits .
Donate (Pune y PCMC, India)



From Aurangabad (India) there is another campaign to offer recyclers affected by the impossibility of working with food kits.
Donate (Aurangabad, India)


New Dehli

In New Delhi (India) Chintan has launched the  #COVIDmekabadi campaign to get recyclers food kits and protection against the coronavirus crisis.
Donate (New Dehli, India)


South Africa

South African association of reclaimers ARO has also launched its campaign to request donations to support reclaimers in this difficult situation, especially focused on offering food to those who need it most.
Donate (South Africa)


A fundraising initiative to support the work of the waste pickers in the Naivasha area of Kenya.




Amelior (Montreuil, Paris, France) has committed all its forces to the collection and distribution of food and hygiene products in waste picker camps. To support this work they have launched a campaign to receive donations.
Donate (France)


From GAIA (anti-incineration initiative) they have also launched a campaign to receive donations for a solidarity emergency fund. With the money received they want to provide mini-subsidies to the groups most affected by the crisis to support their organization and mutual support programs, prioritizing the most urgent needs, such as the provision of food and personal protective equipment for recycling workers.
Donate (GAIA)

Mantendremos este artículo abierto para ir añadiendo las diferentes campañas que vayan surgiendo desde las diferentes organizaciones de recicladores.