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Written by Ryan Castalia

June 27, 2020


SWC Entrance

Sure We Can, NYC’s only non-profit redemption center, was founded in 2007 by and for canners, or those who collect and redeem deposit-marked containers to earn income. Since then, we’ve developed our vision of a community where everyone and everything counts, and where we honor our work, our planet, and each other. In realizing that vision, SWC has become a vibrant community pillar, contributing to the beautification of East Williamsburg through litter reduction and public art, while providing a crucial economic lifeline to hundreds of underserved families, who come from marginalized groups of all kinds, including immigrants and those experiencing homelessness or disabilities. In 2019, Sure We Can processed over 12 million bottles and cans, distributing over $780,000 to its community of over 800 families.

Now, all that work is in jeopardy. Our landlords have asked us to either vacate the lot or purchase the property. We love our space, and our community, but the appraised price in our rapidly gentrifying neighborhood is $2.6 million–beyond our reach, alone. So, we have turned to the city for help in our hour of great need. As a self-sustaining organization which has for over a decade contributed to the economic development of underserved people in Brooklyn, we have applied for $2.3 million in capital funding from the city. Without this support, our community will disappear.

Click this link to send an email to Mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York City Council demanding Sure We Can be saved!

Check out here in the local newspaper how Sure We Can co-founder Ana Martinez de Luco speaks about their situation.

Finally, follow the latest updates and info on Sure We Can’s fight for survival in their Facebook page.

An injury to one, is an injury to all!!