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Written by Alex Cardoso (MNCR)


Country Brazil

October 08, 2020

Translated by Abrapalabra Co-op

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Immediate repeal of the Melo Law. Right in the middle of the pandemic, the Melo Law, named after the former councillor and current candidate to mayor of Porto Alegre, known as the “carts law”, reaches its final deadline. If such law is not repealed, waste pickers will be prevented from circulating with their carts, which will make their important work even more difficult. If this law is not repealed, the State will wear a police hat and will boast about it, as it starts arresting excluded people for doing their job. First the carts, then the people.

The only way to change this is exerting popular pressure. Sign this petition so that Porto Alegre’s councillors repeal this hygienist, biased and highly outcasting law, which aggravates the condition of exclusion of waste pickers.

Sign this petition.

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