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Country Senegal

October 26, 2020

Translated by Dico

Workers in Senegal and around the world are celebrating Labor Day this year in a particular context marked by the coronavirus pandemic. The Bokk Diom Association wishes to expresses its sympathy to the victims and extend its support to the health organizations and the Senegalese authorities in the management of the pandemic as well as to all workers whose health situation is affecting the proper conduct of their business. (…) May 1st is an opportunity to put workers’ demands back on the table and to call for the fulfillment of broken promises aimed at improving the conditions of workers. (…) However, Bokk Diom deplores and laments the failure to recognize the efforts of its members to limit the spread of the coronavirus, as well as the discriminatory comments made by many most of whom have never visited the Mbeubeuss landfill site. These comments are premised on speculation and are intended solely to denigrate a workforce that provides environmental services to cities without recognition, compensation or protection.

For the women waste pickers, as they are the most vulnerable

  • Implement social protection measures that take into account the special role of women in society (unpaid domestic tasks often prevent them from properly engaging in an income-generating activity);
  • Support women waste pickers so that they can continue to work in order to avoid an increase in the under-representation of women in the waste recovery sector;
  • Help women waste pickers become decision-makers and resilient by becoming, for example, wholesale or semi-wholesale buyers of reclaimed products on the same basis as men.

Read orignalcomplete document in French  (PDF).

For the Bokk Diom Association
President Mr. El Hadji Malick Diallo aka Bancas
Issued in Malika on April 30, 2020
Bokk Diom, the Association of Reclaimers of Mbeubeus
Mbeubeuss Community House Malika/Dakar