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November 26, 2020

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We are hiring a Global Alliance of Waste Pickers Communication officer. Please share broadly. Submit before December 10th, 2020!

Context of Global Alliance of Waste Pickers

The Global Alliance of Waste Pickers ( is a networking process among waste picker organizations with groups in more than 28 countries covering mainly Latin America, Asia and Africa. It started during the 1st World Conference of Wastepickers in 2008 held in Bogota Colombia co-organized by Association of Bogota Recyclers and WIEGO and supported by several entities by that time. During 2009 and 2012, the Global Alliance of Waste pickers and Allies got started, participating mostly at Climate Change UN events and running the agenda around both climate and organizational related issues. An Interim Steering committee was formed by then, and served as the international body during that period of time. In October 2018, after an international meeting gathered in Buenos Aires Argentina, a Process Committee was formed that lasted until the end of 2019.

When Covid19 pandemic started, WIEGO together with key strategic allies decided to form an ad hoc committee of waste pickers to be able to face challenges posed by the pandemic as well as threats and learnings to be shared. Since October 2020 and after a series of representational discussions, the committee is now established as a Global Committee. For more information please see global advsory committee news.


To accompany the Global Committee of Wastepickers in the implementation of concrete needs that requires communication support with the aim to develop an strategic communication plan (including a social media strategy), which will be articulated with the advocacy efforts of waste pickers organizations in the regions or countries. She-he-they will be responsible for communications from the waste picker sector, including as follows:

Specific tasks included

Globalrec website and social media 

  • Maintain and update the content of the globalrec website by posting news produced by waste pickers’ groups  and by writing news based on current activities;
  • Work with us (and regional affiliates/organizations) to develop strategic plans for the sharing and promotion of GlobalRec work through our website, newsletters, social media, online platforms and traditional press media channels.
  • Socialize and redistribute content from the site in the social media (twitter, facebook, google+, etc.).
  • Copy-edit and develop content for media releases, publications and social media campaigns.
  • Facilitate the communication among waste picker groups for their website involvement and training towards a participatory platform

Campaign Development

  • Analyze documentation already in place around threats to waste pickers around the world, including  maps, videos, posters, in order to helped prepare a global campaign for waste pickers to defend their right to work
  • Identify and facilitate the development of the necessary communication resources and materials (visual, written and audiovisual, including flyers, social network/web site/intranet accounts/publications, videos, PowerPoint presentations, press releases, business reports etc.)
  • Coordinate effective messaging and planning for communicating on global and regional campaigns.
  • Assisting Globalrec working group around EPR for communication strategy when needed
  • Train our team and national affiliates on communications tools and planning

Ensuring regular communications  

  • Facilitate online exchange, exchange and launches via Zoom and similar online conferencing tools on a regional and global basis.
  • Circulate regular news and information electronically to waste picker organizations and allies on waste picker activities, successes, challenges;
  • Share information with press and other external bodies, as and when appropriate;
  • Keep in regular contact with waste picker organizations and those producing regional newsletters, websites,

Liaise with WIEGO:

In addition to the work above, the contractor will undertake the following tasks in coordination with Nets Communications and Advocacy Coordinator.

  • Includes attending team meetings and other duties as required.
  • As needed and on request, support to documentation of WIEGO’s work across all informal sector groups
  • Participate in different informal economy workers Nets coordination meetings.
  • Prepare reports and evaluations on communication initiatives

Ideal Candidates’ Skills:

  • A communicator and activist (organizer) with interest/experience working on social justice, human rights, women’s rights and/or workers’ rights issues. Understanding the issues surrounding  informal work is a plus as well as having work closely with a wastepicker organization.
  • Motivation, autonomy and respect for teamwork, internationally and virtually,
  • Has a degree in communications or journalism (or equivalent experience) plus 5 years of relevant experience.
  • The candidate must have excellent English skills (eg. editing) plus have very good command of French and/or Spanish and/or Arabic and/or Swahili or another language. You should feel comfortable developing text for social media assets in multiple languages.
  • Experience updating content on wordpress sites, databases, and managing social media sites


  • The Communication Officer for the Global Alliance of Wastepickers (WP) will report directly to the Global Committee of Wastepickers, and work collaboratively with the Globalrec support team, and individual waste pickers organizations, and WIEGO communication team. The consultant will work under the supervision of Lucia Fernandez, Wastepicker International Coordinator (WIEGO).

Schedule and Remuneration

  • Days worked must be accounted for. The consultant may send an invoice for the days worked at the end of each month. The daily rate will be negotiated according to experience, skills and the role. We expected a part time position of 10 to 12 days a month.
  • This is a part-time, home-based position, ideally attached or related to an already existing waste picker organization You must supply your own computer and have a stable internet connection.

This position is for approximately 20 hours per week and for ten months. We invite all qualified candidates to apply by sending a CV resume, cover letter and a writing sample (in English) to with CC to by December 10th 2020.