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Country Chile

December 27, 2021

Image from “The battle of the informal” ANARCH.

The new law is expected to become effective as of 2023. Read full document (in Spanish).
During the year 2021, ANARCH proposed to make an analysis document regarding the implementation of the law on packaging and packaging in Chile, which will come into force in 2023.

The document carries their vision regarding the consequences of this new law, which they have defined as “a threat to us recyclers and a law of privatizing and mercantile character, which favors the generation of business, to the detriment of labor rights and recognition of recyclers and the catastrophic effects on the environment by the exploitation of natural resources and devastating pollution.”

The document, entitled “THE BATTLE OF THE INFORMAL”, reflects the view of the workers of the trade, recyclers and waste pickers, on the REP law.

The main goal is that the document will become a useful tool to understand a little more about their existence as recycling workers, and that it will be a contribution to the analysis and discussion to enrich and improve it.

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