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Country Brazil

December 27, 2021

In Brazil, a joint action of the National Movement of Waste Pickers in Brazil (MNCR) and the legal arms Ancat and Unicatadores have articulated the advancement of COVID-19 vaccination with priorities for waste pickers.

The legal advisors of the organizations have prepared letters that have been sent to City Halls, State Governments and other agencies responsible for the vaccination plan. The Public Defenders, the Public Ministry and the Labor Public Ministry have also mobilized to guarantee priority access to immunization for the category.

Many states are already well ahead in vaccination and dozens of cities have recognized the essentiality of the collectors’ work and have guaranteed access to vaccination.

It is now necessary to charge the governments that have not yet guaranteed the vaccination for waste pickers and to move forward in obtaining rights and investment for the return to normality. With a vaccine in their arms and food on their plates.