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Country Panama

April 14, 2023

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Recicladores piden respeto y continuidad de labores en Cerro Patacón
Written by Redacción. 2023/03/23

Members of the National Movement of Recyclers of Panama (MNRP) marched on Thursday, March 23, to the vicinity of the Presidency of the Republic, located in San Felipe.

The recyclers were worried about their labor future due to the termination of the contract between Urbalia S.A. and the Panamanian government on March 26th, which establishes the management of waste in the Cerro Patacón sanitary landfill.

Men and women, who for years have been dedicated to the recycling activity in Cerro Patacón, requested the National Government the right to be taken into account to address the proposals, negotiations and implementation of the corrective measures to be assumed by the company that is favored with a new contract and therefore with the responsibility of the correct treatment of the landfill’s waste.

Spokespersons of the National Movement of Recyclers of Panama (MNRP) also demanded recognition and respect for the work with which they sustain the economy of their families and contribute to the conservation of the environment.

They demand the inclusion of fellow recyclers from all over the country in formal waste management systems, as indicated in Law 276 of December 30, 2021.

Among their aspirations, they demand compliance with contract 489 of 2008, which mandates the company Urbalia S.A. to guarantee dignified and fair conditions for recycling work.