The International Alliance of Waste Pickers is a union of waste picker organizations representing more than 460,000 workers across 34 countries
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This is a report to summarize what the International Alliance of Waste Pickers delegation is doing at the Plastic pollution treaty negotiations at INC-2 in Paris. Get to know our actions and events on our dedicated page to INC-2.

The first day at the Plastic Treaty negotiations were related to the INC’s rules of procedure, the need to protect voting versus consensus. There was no discussion on the plastic treaty itself. You can read the great summary that Break Free from Plastic prepares every day!

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The International Alliance of Waste Pickers (IAWP) delegates participated in different events and meetings on this Monday, May 29th:

Round table: “Global South Voices at INC-2”

Organized by GAIA, where Indumathi (Association of Indian Waste pickers, AIW) and John Xavier Chewya (KeNaWPa) participated. Watch it. More info.

Press conference: ”Observers and Delegates at INC-2 Negotiations Outline what is Needed to Advance a High-Ambition Plastics Treaty”

Organized by CIEL where Johnson Doe (Kpone Landfill Waste Pickers Association , Ghana) participated. Watch the full conference. More information.

The IAWP delegation also met with the Japan representatives

Delegates fro mthe global south could exchange views on the role of plastic production, collection and recycling with Japanese representatives.

In other spaces

In the opening speech Inger Anderson mentioned the importance  to put Just transition in the middle to address the climate and plastic crisis: “Only elimination, reduction, a full life cycle approach, transparency, and a Just transition, only those can bring success”. The previous day she shared this tweet after meeting IAWP delegates.

Inspiring conversation with a delegation of waste pickers ahead of #PlasticsINC. More than 20 million people work as waste pickers. A global agreement to #BeatPlasticPollution must drive a just transition for all. Determined to keep the doors open to ensure all voices are heard.

Protest action for lack of access to waste picker and other communities. INC-2, Paris, France. 2023

Protest action for lack of access to waste picker and other communities. INC-2, Paris, France. 2023

On the civic action sphere, there was a protest action “Kick Industry out!”, against the lack of access to negotiations, calling on countries to make more space for underrepresented communities like waste picker, global south, frontline communities and other key key stakeholders. It was organized by different environmental organizations like GAIA, CIEL, Break Free from Plastic, Tearfund and others in the Plastic Treaty coalition, outside the UNESCO building in Paris, where the convention takes place. Some held banners reclaiming more space for waste pickers. Various delegates from the International Alliance of Waste Pickers could not  attend the INC-2 because their visas were not granted.