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November 06, 2023

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As we bear witness to the unfolding tragedies around us, the International Alliance of Waste Pickers expresses its unwavering support for all individuals who have been subjected to prolonged suffering and are struggling to survive in territories of war. Waste pickers around the world are no strangers to injustice, discrimination, and exploitation, with extreme violent conflicts and displacements often forcing many individuals to resort to recycling to survive. Therefore, our struggle is inextricably linked to what is happening to the people living, dying, and displaced from the Gaza region.

We stand in solidarity with those affected by ongoing conflicts, demanding an immediate ceasefire and the full respect of international humanitarian law. We recognize the challenges faced by marginalised communities and acknowledge that they are fighting for their basic rights, including the right to life, which is a fundamental human right. Our union, the International Alliance of Waste Pickers, represents more than 460,000 workers from over 50 organisations across 34 countries. We condemn the oppression of the Palestinian people and reaffirm our unwavering solidarity with them. By standing in solidarity with their people, we are helping to liberate ourselves from the chains of oppression.

We deeply deplore the loss of all innocent civilian lives, regardless of their nationality or ethnicity. We are particularly concerned that most of the deaths are women and children, who are disproportionately affected by conflict. We condemn all forms of violence against civilians, including indiscriminate attacks, shelling of civilian areas, and the use of heavy weapons in densely populated areas. The loss of life in conflict is a humanitarian catastrophe, and we mourn the continuous toll of these conflicts on innocent people.

In the spirit of solidarity and peace, our ultimate goal as a worker-first movement is to contribute to a world where all people, regardless of their circumstances, can live in justice and dignity. We urge the international community to recognize the urgent need for just and peaceful resolutions to long-standing conflicts, the cessation of violations of international law, and the immediate implementation of ceasefires. Together, we can work towards a world where the rights and dignity of all individuals are respected and upheld.

In Solidarity, Acting Working Committee
International Alliance of Waste Pickers
7 November 2023

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